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Intel i5 2500k Price in india new delhi

has anyone purchased intel i5 2500k in india new delhi

what is the price for intel i5 2500k ( overclock version ) price in new delhi india.
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    Rs.11,800 as of Nehru place
  2. Thanks.

    is it easily available in most of the shop or you want to suggest any specific shop. Because i was checking online price list but there is no price mentioned for intel i5 2500k.... so that is why i was in doubt whether this is available at nehru place or not.

    is there any specific shop with cheap price other than "cost to cost".

    Thanks. :sarcastic:

    sync_nine said:
    Rs.11,800 as of Nehru place
  3. You can check them out on eBay. A very reliable seller is selling the processor for 13K. However, he will be giving you great quality products since I have bought a lot from him and have been happy with the service till today.
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  5. I actually found a pretty stoking deal on the internet and I am sure you would be quite interested in it.
  6. go for has some of the most reasonable rates on CPUs, and shiping is free for another 2 days.
  7. Sorry forgot to mention it. I saw it at SMC International at Meghdooth building in Nehru place.
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