Gateway MB bad - Need aftermarket replacement

Any suggestion on replacement motherboard. My computer wont boot up so it leads me to think the MB is bad.

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  1. sorry i have a SX2800 gateway.
  2. Check this Intel page for compatible motherboards and chipsets. If you get another board, you cannot use the Dell disks to install the OS. You will need a new copy of Vista or Win 7.
  3. i have a new install of window 7 so that wont be a problem. I just want a board that fit that sff case.
  4. I think this board is an
    Intel's G43 Express chipset
  5. so any G43 express chipset will work?
  6. It looks like the Gateway board supports DDR2 800 RAM. Is it a standard micro-ATX format? Do you need 2 or 4 RAM slots? Does the power supply have the 24-pin power connector?

    Maybe something like this: MSI G41M4-F LGA 775 Intel G41 Micro ATX
  7. Im pretty sure its DDR3. it saids it on the sticky. Ill have to look at the power connector when i get home.
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