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I'm a noobie so bare with me please fellas! Recently i bought an MSi p67A-45 motherboard for my very first build. When i'd installed the hardware on like 4 GB RAM a Sapphire Radeon HD 5770, Antec Kühler Flow heat sink, New WD Caviar Green HDD. I was then advised to install the copy of Windows 7, which i'd bought a year previously. First 2 days were fine then i got the dreaded BSOD. I took my pc, ith new motherboard to Currys/knowhow as i'd bought all the hardware that i'd attached to the from there, thinking it might be hardware related as the first line of the BSOD mentioned it could be hardware related. Anyways, Currys tested all the hardware and told me that it was all working fine and it must be the motherboard. I emailed the company i'd bought the motherboard from but they said it couldn't be the motherboard and it has to be software or driver problem. The thing is it's a new hard drive too so there's no software on it! I'm really frustrated with this and it's put me off building my own again.

Sorry if this has been a bit of a novel but i thought i'd try and explain everything. Any ideas would be very appreciated. Thanks :D
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  1. What does the BSOD say?
  2. Oh noooos!
    Run memtest86+ for a minimum of 8 hours. I would bet you anything it is bad Ram. Memory testing is a funny thing, it will take multiple passes to find problems. Just let it run overnight and see what the results are in the morning.

    Drivers are things that direct Windows on how to use the hardware you have. If you have hardware then you have drivers, no other software needed. It could possibly be a driver issue, but this is very unlikely in win7 with newer hardware. Still, it would not hurt to check for updated drivers, as well as an updated firmware for your motherboard as it could be the problem.

    Check your system temperatures, if things are overheating (generally over 80*C for CPUs, over 95*C for GPUs, or over 50*C ambient/system temps). Overheating can cause all sorts of issues that are dificult to diagnose. This can be checked using software like PCWizard, or other system diagnostic software.

    Keep us posted on your results.

    Also, what processor do you have? I think you mentioned everything else.
  3. A problem has been detected etc etc as usual then disable any anti-virus, disk defragmentation back-up utility, etc etc

    Technical information: ** STOP: 0x000000024(0x00000000001904FB, 0xFFFFFF88003B92D38, FFFFFFF2E2704)
  4. Currys did say the RAM tested out fine but it was a cheap 4GB stick, sorry, i don't even know the make! :-(
  5. I've just gone into the BIOS and apparently the RAM's fine. I've now tried to re-install Windows 7 and the PC's Saying to reboot and insert the installation CD, done this twice now but the CD is inserted
  6. Sorry, i forgot to mention that at first i thought it could be the Windows 7 Home premium Family Pack i'd tried to install, as this is really for only 3 pc's and it was an upgade disk too! but Currys tried their own cd and that gave the same BSOD
  7. I have an Intel i5 2500K processor.
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