Need help choosing the best manufacterer for my 6870.

Hey all!
By christmas ill buy the 6870 1GB GDDR5.
Other stuff ill buy with it is

Intel Core™ i5 Quad Processor i5-760
ASUS P7P55D-E PRO, Socket-1156
Cooler Master HAF X Big Tower
Crucial DDR3 BallistiX 1333MHz 4GB CL7

So now i wonder... from what manufacterer should i buy my 6870?
To get the most out of my 6870 that is then, and the whole system.
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  1. Or... would it be wiser to go for an GTX 470 that's about in the same price range?
  2. and if i would buy a GTX 470 i would most likely buy most likely.... lol and i failed to say that im going to overclock the graphic card i buy, atleast a bit. so take that into consideration when helping ;)
  3. yeah i've seen around @ some benchmarks, and this GTX 470 beats the "normal" 470 with around 4-7 fps in different settings... and getting that extra fps+the extra cooling for just 35-45$ its totally worth it.
  4. true, true
  5. ^ don't listen to Malmental he's just messing around since he's an green boy. Umm I think you should get the 6870 it's perfectly fine, runs slightly on the hot side but not hotter than the 470 but doesn't OC as much as people would like.

    The 6870 defiantly is a contender, it has great scaling and is improved with it's newer drivers. I think it should be your choice. If you do get the 470, I suggest getting a non-reference designed one, particularly the Gigabyte ones, however they do come at a cost. This is the best 470 out there, lower power consumption than reference, but cooler and OC'd. However, it is 300$... Sooo... yeah...

    Umm as for 6870, any will do. There isn't any custom coolers like DirectCu or Hawk out for the 6870 so any brand is good. XFX has lifetime warranty and HIS/Asus/Sapphire are just good as well...

    I suggest the HIS though, since it's the cheapest at 240$ but Christmas is awhile and prices may drop so keep an eye. Plus non-ref may come out.
  6. Well... new cards could still be released before christmas, that may drop some cards in prices, so we'll see when christmas is here ;)
  7. Oh, and a GTX 570 is coming too? how is it expected to be working?
  8. Yep basically, christmas time is when Cayman is dropping, the GTX 570 looks promising as they seemed to fix alot of things. But no info is released yet.
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