My pc is giving a weird problem

Hi, recently upgraded my PC, got a i5 2400, asus p8p67 deluxe, 8gig ddr3 corsair xms3 ram, Radeon HD5850 vapor, 800 watt power supply.

Now what the problem is , it randomly freezes, like i cant even go into task manager. i have to restart my PC in order for it to work again.

I have Windows 7 ultimate 64bit installed as well.

Please help me dnt know what to do.

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  1. well not exactly sure but when i feel the motherboard at the back of the case its extremely hot like i could make bacon on it. the gfx does about 54c my dvd and harddrives randomly also gets extremely hot, could it be my case? and yes its a legit windows haha
  2. oh and yes i did build the rig.
  3. nope, sometimes the sound goes weird but freezes cant do anything

    , the mouse and keyboard also go off

    then i have to restart
  4. i downloaded the core temp program, dnt seem to see any memtest or prime programs, were do i find these?
  5. ty dude!
  6. haha i have been on leave, had i nice holiday in south africa! oh and my tempratures are good each core on 36c
  7. where is the program that you suggested that tests my pc, could you please send a link?
  8. I have a collermaster cm690! k i will test the program at home, i am at work as of this moment! will keep you posted!
  9. coolermaster* typo haha
  10. wanna maby get the thermatalke 900 case?
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