Will x4 955 be atleast 2x of e4500 2.2??

i've got e4500 with OC locked board,so please let me know if i should better be with a new mobo as e4500 can hit 3.2Ghz with stock colling as per my knowledge,or even after 3.2ghz,x4 955(which i will not overclock) is a big(like atleast 40% more) imrovement over e4500,for which i will have to spend extra money on mobo,RAM(due to ddr3,currently have ddr2,LGA 775 have ddr2,still available at my location),if let's say the application uses all 4 cores..

let's say i'm talking about:video encoding,gaming,multitasking etc.. and don't really know much other than i want a fast processor
yes i have in my mind that this money will be better if put to a better gpu,currently have hd 5670 for 1440x900,but not even close to max quality in good games......
so suggest me with these in mind:gaming,video encoding,browsing,general speed

ALSO what is e4500 3.2Ghz more from 2.2 particularly by performance increase?THANK you for reading the story
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  1. ok then.......a little knowledge will also do good
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    I think you would need to compare the cost of a Core2 quad (if it would be available for your current motherboard) to the cost of the PhII 955 / new motherboard (either using your current RAMs or moving to DDR3 - your choice).

    I suspect in a multi-threaded, multi-tasking environment that the PhII 955 would smack your e4500 around pretty good.

    If you decide to go the PhII 955 / DDR3 route, it is advisable to purchase (or wait for a brand you desire) a 'black socket' AM3 motherboard which will be compatible with the next-gen AMD Bulldozer Zambezi.

    AsRock has some on the Egg for around $100.
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