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I plan on getting the i5 2500k processor. The processor is 3.3 ghz (3.7 ghz Turbo Boost)

My question is do i need to get a motherboard that supports turbo boost, such as:


See the list of CPU technologies:

Supports Intel Turbo Boost 2.0 Technology
Supports Intel K-Series unlocked CPU
Supports Hyper-Threading Technology

Do i need a motherboard that supports turbo boost 2.0 technology in order to run it at 3.7?
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  1. In a few words, Yes.
    Although if you were planning on ocing it, the turbo boost is not important.
  2. No. You need a board that will let you change the cpu multiplier. Turbo boost is the poor man's overclocking tool for non "k" cpus. That board is very expensive. If you don't need all it's features, then I would get something else.
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