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Advice on a Gts450

Right now I'm running on my IGP and I want to upgrade to something better. I've decided on the Gts450. This one, to be exact: My question is, will it be too much?

My system is:
CPU: i3 540
Motherboard: Biostar TH55B
PSU: OCZ Fatality 550w
RAM: 4 gig GSkill Ripjaws DDR3
Win 7 64 bit Home Premium

Resolution: 1440x900 now, 1920x1080 later.
Budget: Not an issue
Games: Starcraft 2, Civ V, Sims 3, etc.

So will a Gts450 be overkill?
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    I think the 450 will be great for what you have. I have a GTX 280 myself, which is slightly faster than that, and I am still able to max out all my games@1080p(except Crysis, of course).
    I would actually consider a GTX 460 1GB or HD 6850 instead just so that you would have a decent card for games down the road. The price for performance scales really well for the extra performance that both the higher cards give.
  2. Thanks for the advice. So the card isn't overkill for my CPU? I'm not that concerned about games down the road because I recently upgraded from a dinosaur (1st gen HP slimline) If it comes to the point where I can't play them at all, I'll upgrade the card.
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