Windows 7 64bit surround sound gone.

Hi, I've been tearing my hair out trying to solve this problem, so hopefully someone here can help. a few days ago i bought a new headset, a Gamecom 7.1 surround sound headset with a usb connection. immediately after plugging it in all my sound was messed up, I've tried countless times to mess with the realteck hd settings and every time I test the speakers I only get sound out of left and right, the catch is that all my speakers still work fine. I have a 5.1 surround sound setup and I've tested each speaker to work fine. so something has to be wrong on the computer. I have an EVGA P55 SLI motherboard with a built in sound card, plz if anyone can solve this it would be awesome! :)
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  1. Did you go to Control Panel, Sound and select the device in question to confirm it is on 5.1?
  2. yes, the problem is that my audio is only working properly on stereo, in my headset and in my speakers, when i test for quadraphonic, 5.1, or 7.1, the only sound tht comes out is the left an right speaker, when i listen from my headset same thing, sound doesnt play when its testing, i see it trying to test my center and back speakers but still no sound, even from my headset.
  3. Why would you fall for something like a 7.1 USB Headset???
  4. Don't ever use a USB headset. If you want a Surround Sound headset you have to go the analog route (or optical, but that's rarely ever necessary on a PC for reasons that I could write a book about). Windows simply doesn't handle USB audio very well, and for good reason, it's hard to drive real time systems over USB.

    Return the headset, get a real 5.1/7.1 headset that uses 3.5mm jacks and get an actual soundcard (Creative X-Fi Titanium series) rather than the onboard garbage. Even if you do get your headset working, you're going to notice that there's clipping all over the place, bass is distorted, etc... These are all symptoms of on board codecs which do zilch for resampling or mixing.
  5. yea i realized that usb sucks lol, my original headset was one version older then this one and i liked my old one, which didnt have usb, so i just got the upgrade, and the usb can b disconected to just use the jacks which i did almost immediately, so the only solution now is to get a sound card? even if my audio was working perfectly fine b4?
  6. The onboard codecs found on most mother boards do a pretty acceptable job of handling audio when the source has the same number of channels as the speaker setup and a sample rate that the codec can handle nicely. However, you will very quickly notice that most onboard codecs do not play nice when it comes to converting stereo audio (youtube videos, etc...) or any source that does not have a discrete LFE channel (that's the Low Frequency Effect channel, reserved for subwoofers, also known as the .1 in 5.1/7.1 setups). These sources use all the other channels as full range speakers and the on board codec's do a very piss poor job of resampling the source so that the bass found in the non-LFE channels actually goes to the LFE channel as it should. The result of this is often that you will hear clipping and other audio anomalies due to the lack of bass-crossover. This same problem is also present on the sound codecs found on video cards that have Display Port or HDMI outputs and accordingly most of them have pins that can connect directly to a discrete sound card.

    Discrete soundcards also offload a bit of the load from the CPU and have extremely complex DSPs (Digital Signal Processors) which can be made accessible to APIs such as OpenAL for use in video games. The most famous set is Creative's EAX suite which makes a world of difference for games that use it. You really have to hear it to believe it.

    So just because your sound was working fine before that doesn't mean that it can't work better. Try listening to a bass heavy song on Youtube and see if you can hear the bass clipping in and out. It's easy to attribute this to a poor recordingly, but more often than not it's due to a poor setup.
  7. alright well thx for the inputs, i gave up fixing it and ordered a Creative sound card ( plus 8 gigs extra ddr3 ram, Merry Christmas to me! lol) hopefully i can resume playing battlefield 3 with glorious sound quality!
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