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Intermittent Internet Connection

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Last response: in Networking
June 20, 2010 9:18:14 PM

I am having major problems with my internet connection. First I will explain my computer setup. I have a wireless router connected to the master phone socket. I have one PC (running windows Vista) connected to the router via an Ethernet cable. This Vista PC also has a wireless connection to the router. Then, I have a PC running Windows XP, that has a wireless connection to the router only.

The network itself is sound. I have songs on the Vista PC which are played continuously on the XP machine over the network. There is never any pause in the song playback. The wireless strength on both PCs is nearly 95%, and this rarely changes.

However, Internet connection is very poor. On the XP machine, downloads are running at around 10 - 40 kb/s. (I know there is a difference between kilobits and kilobytes. Typically, downloads used to run at around 150 - 350 kb/s, depending on the time of the day). The Vista machine runs faster, but never reaches the speeds it used tol.

On both machines - and this is the real bug bear - internet connection drops every 20 seconds or so, for a couple of seconds, then comes back on again. As it happens on both PC's I guess the problem is with the router. Also, looking at the "Network Connections" window in Windows Vista, the status for the "Local Area Connection 2" connection (The Ethernet connection), changes literally every second. One second it says "enabled", then the next it says "Network cable unplugged"..... "enabled..... network cable unplugged..... enabled etc etc etc

I cannot open any website with any kind of decent speed or reliability. About 75% of the time, every page i load is met with a browser "You are not connected to the Internet " error message. Waiting for about 20 seconds then refreshing the page often works, but this is too frequent to live with. As it is, this is the third attempt I have made to post this question. I also have programs running that require a constant internet connection, so they always fail.

Is anyone able to help?

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June 21, 2010 8:46:45 AM

What happens to internet connection when you stop playing music over the LAN ?
June 21, 2010 10:03:04 AM

Sorry, i was probably a bit ambiguous. I don't play music at the same time as use the internet.

The problems i am having with the internet connection are all the time, even when i am not playing music. I just made the "music over the lan" comment to demonstrate that the actual network itself is working fine, it is just having problems accessing the internet.
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June 23, 2010 9:30:51 AM

Anyone have any ideas?
June 23, 2010 10:57:35 AM

I'll suggest updating to latest firmware on your router. I had one that did all sorts of crazy things and was solved by updated firmware.

Just a thought, you may as well disable wireless on your vista machine since you've got a wired connection..
June 25, 2010 2:39:53 PM


You stated phone socket so I'll assume that this is a DSL connection. Also what brand/model router are you using? When your PCs are not able to access websites what is the light status on your router?

Also as panto suggested disable the wireless network connection on the vista machine and check and see how stable your connection is from the vista machine.

Run a few speed tests as well from both machines ( choose a location close to you).