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I have a situation that has developed due to a new internet capable tv and with my setup, from my research it looks as if I have some options but basically I don't know what would be the most ideal or cost-effective setup, so looking for some help if possible.

My current setup is this; my coax cable comes in an upstairs room where I have the modem and my wireless router (Netgear WGR614V9) and two computers and my PS3 hardwired to the router. This setup works fine, as I generally don't use the wireless.

My parents generally stick to the living room downstairs and about 70-80 feet as the crow flies, but a stairway, and four rooms in between the router and the living room means that the signal strength when they are on the laptop isn't great but it's usable for what they use it for (mainly browsing and flash games)

We just upgraded our tv in the living room previously mentioned to a new flatscreen that has internet apps and whatnot and it can connect to the wireless as well but it's not stable/fast enough to really be usable for streaming video.

My goal is to hardwire the tv since it's obviously more stable but I have the logistics problem of not being able to run a cord from my current router to the tv. I basically narrowed it down to two options.

1: A "Home plug network adapter" which plugs into an outlet and you can put another adapter anywhere in the house and run an ethernet cord from there to whatever you want (the TV, or ideally another router to improve signal strength all over the house.) My questions for this setup are basically, how reliable are these home plug adapters? As I can't seem to find a lot of feedback on them. Also, how would the second router operate with the use of assigning IPs and whatnot since the input adapter would be running from the initial router?

2: Just run another router and relay the signal (not too sure on this but saw someone mention this in theory but I have no idea how it would work) My concern for this one is if the signal is already low in the room, I would imagine the signal distance would be boosted but the strength would not go up.

If there are any options I haven't thought of I would be open to those as well.

I appreciate anyone reading through this mess, I tried to write it up as clear as it can come out from my head :)
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  1. If you would go with the first option you would either use a switch or use a second router. You will need to change the IP to, disable DHCP, setup the wireless security, and connect via one of the 4 ports (NOT the WLAN).

    A third option would be a wireless repeater which you would place half way between the living room and the router.
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