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Hi guys, just wondering what is the best graphics card out there that i can get for a 500 watt power supply. (it has 1 8-pin, 2 6-pins and the mobo supports crossfire-x
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  1. What brand? How many amps on the +12v rail? Also, what's your processor and monitor resolution?
  2. 1600x900 res monitor
    core i3 540
    thermaltake psu, 25amps on +12v rail
  3. what is your price range? I successfully ran a 5850 off a 500w for a while...
  4. i have $1800 lol, so i think im set for anything
  5. XD OKAY! grab a 6970 when it comes out, and a 750 or 800w psu. Or, if you don't want a new psu (for some reason) then get a 6870
  6. Maximum you can get with that PSU is a Radeon 5770 maybe a 6850.
    With a i3 you might get a bottleneck with higher end graphics cards.
    Just a simple PSU upgrade is all you really need though for a graphics card.

  7. I ran a 5850 off a 500w with only 18+ on the 12v rail...
  8. 6850 would do.
  9. well, what do you plan to run on this rig?
  10. casual internet streaming of course. LOLOLOLOLOLOL crysis, metro, all latest games
  11. resolution?
  12. im gonna say 1080p or 1650x1200
  13. 1)You could upgrade to a 750watt PSU and crossfire with two Radeon 6850's.

    2)But if your not looking to buy a new PSU right now, just get a single 6850 i think it only requires 24amps on the 12v/rail so you should be okay.

    Personally i like number one,but i still think you will get bottlenecked if you for a crossfire or anything higher than a 6850 with the i3,i'm not sure about that.
  14. yes, for the amount of $ you have I'd grab a new cpu, new psu and gpu. Get an i5 750, a 750w psu, and at least a 6870 seeing as those games on 1080p are VERY demanding.
  15. although, if you want it now, the 5870 actually is faster than the 6870... and of course with your $$$ you could easily grab a 5970... but I'd wait for the 6970's if I were you.
  16. alrighty then thanks guys, this is for my friend so yeah.

    My personal specs are:
    core i7 930 at 4ghz
    4gb 1600mhz
    hd 6870 crossfire-x
    corsair watercooling
    thermaltake 850 watt
    500gb ocz SSD's in raid 0
  17. looks good!
    don't forget to get a motherboard that is corssfire cabable with at least 2PCi-express2.0 slots
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