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3 or 2?

I just ordered a gigabyte gtx 480 soc on newegg for $424.(the reason i didn't buy a gtx 580 is because the soc is about $85 cheaper and will probably perform the same as the gtx 580.)

At this point, i am not going to buy another 480 to SLI(one 480 is good enough for now and i am not sitting on a bank.) However, i will be doing so in a year or two. As you know, gtx 480 run pretty hot and my friend told me that it's best to separate two cards as far as possible. Is that true?

If it's ture, does it mean i need a motherboard with 3 pci express x16 so that i can put one card at the right, the other at the left while skipping the midde slot? Or will the motherboard with 2 ocu express x16 just be fine?

at last, will this motherboard do that job?

Thank you for all your input.
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    First of all,if you run one card at the first PCI-E slot and the other one at the 3rd slot,the cards will run at either x16x8 or dual x8 speed;whereas,if you put them in the first and second slots,they'll run at dual x16.(It doesn't make much of a difference though,but just wanted you to know it)
    As long as you have a good cooling system along with enough air flow in your case, you'll be fine(even when the cards are next to each other)
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