Main Bios checksum error

I have been getting this error 2-3 times a week.
Also, sometimes the PC becomes so slow that the only option left is RESTART.
So are both of these related to eachother?
I have a Gigabyte 880GM USB3 motherboard and use AMD X4 955 BE with 8 gig RAM.
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  1. Get a new CMOS battery for the Mobo.
    Secondly, have you OC'ed the rig?
    If you have, get it back to it's default values and run it at those values for about a month and see if you get the error.
  2. I had activated the Core Boost thing.
    So yes, i guess it was in OC'ed mode.
    Thanks for reminding that ;)
    Will see if that works and let you know if i change the CMOS battery.
  3. I have found that if you not a experienced OCer then you may creat an unstable system by OCing. As i have done. If you go to far it will not boot. I was usually limited by my ram. It wouldn't go faster so i had to set my mem setting to limit my mem speed at its tolerated level. if you raise your CPU speed and dont set the other settings and leave them on auto the system will auto clock those items many time taking them past their limits and applying stress. If you successfully OC and the voltage isn't enough and you PSu power spikes fluctuates it may cause errors. How do you get experience? learn as you go. Read posts on tom's hardware. Use google. Good luck.
  4. ^^ inexperienced OCer gaining XP!
  5. well, i disabled the Core Boost and i faced the "pc gets too slow" thing twice only and that's something with chrome i guess..cause i closed chrome and PC was normal then..!!!

    And now i still face the checksum error..and 1 more problem has started..the PC doesn't boot at once..i need to hit the ON button 2-4 times and then it starts!!! :(
    Please let me know the possible i can rectify the problem...
    Yet i haven't changed the CMOS a bit busy and can't find time for that :(
  6. WIll you just reset the BIOS pls. SO we can start with an OCing lesson
  7. alyoshka said:
    WIll you just reset the BIOS pls. SO we can start with an OCing lesson

    But currently i'm not OC'ing!!
    Still if you want me to do so, will do it when i find some time and reply here...
  8. Yes, I do want you to, 'cos we have no idea what changes you have made in the rig and from the looks of it, neither do you.
  9. I did reset the BIOS but i still faced the problem today!
    After reset i Loaded Optimized default Settings...
  10. Why do you need to complicate everyone's life? Isn't it simple enough English, when I say just reset the BIOS, not need for Optimized Default settings............GAWD.
  11. when i reset-ed the BIOS and started the PC, it asked me what settings were to be loaded...
  12. There is no need to load the optimized setting, just load default setting if you have to.
  13. i couldn't find something like that!
  14. is there any internet update for windows being downloaded and slow everything?
  15. No, i have disabled the Update feature...
  16. Well, there is a Load Fail Safe Defaults option in the BIOS.
  17. Better to check bios version to the latest update .. and hardware condition .. and drivers ..
  18. I loaded the failsafe settings...
    Now shall i wait and check if still error occurs or update the BIOS?
  19. Check if they have a BIOS update and let it run in failsafe.
    If they have a BIOS update download it and update the BIOS. If not then try tweaking the BIOS a little by little and see if the error occurs.
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