Highest Resolution setting is 1280 x 1024 ???

Hey Tom's Hardware forum I have monitor resolution problems, i have the newest graphics card driver and monitor drivers installed or so I think... i have downloaded the newest drivers from both sights for my driver and monitor. The problem is the native resolution for my monitor is 1680x1050 60Hz, but the only widescreen one i get on with windows 7 is 1280x1050. And even that looks a little grainy and not clear as it should be. I've been ignoring the problem for 2 years but its real annoying. It used to read as a Generic PnP monitor untill i updated monitor driver but nao it just reads as a syncmaster but that doesnt change the resolution option. Also When i try to force the display in Nvidia control panel it says test failed and I can't force my computer to read the proper resolution. I have always considered myself above the average joe with computer problems, building my own computer with my grandfather was milestone that made me respect computers. But this problem is beyond my comprehension and to much of my dismay I am actually considering selling all my computer parts and buying a hassle free Macintosh. Sure macs have problems but not as many as windows does. I know I haven't contributed to this sight and you may overlook my problem because i am new, but I plead to you more experienced users to help this noob out.

My specs are

operating system - windows 7 64bit

processor - intel core 2 duo

Ram - 8gigs

graphics card - Nvidia Geforce 210 - (Updated Nvidia Gefore 460) <--- Still same problem

monitor - SyncMaster 2253BW

If i have not applied any info that anyone would need to help me I will reply quickly as I can depending on my access to the internet as i will be checking this regularly.

PS. sorry if i didn't post in the right thread just tell me
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  1. What port is the monitor connected through? Also, does it act strangely w/ other monitors? (btw, this reply is going to make me a veteran! WOOT!)
  2. Martin 71 said:
    What port is the monitor connected through? Also, does it ac
    t strangely w/ other monitors? (btw, this reply is going to make me a veteran! WOOT!)

    It is connected through a VGA with i a dvi(dual link) adapter , ummmm only have this one wide screen so i can't check with other monitors =(
  3. Okay, I'm gonna take a shot and say it's the adapter... I have a screen hooked up from display port to vga and it's resolution is locked (luckily at the res I want,) and it's refresh rate is also locked... try getting a new adapter. Also, are there any other types of outputs on your card?
  4. Alrite.... so I went to fry's today and bought a new graphics card a Nvidia Geforce 460 have it installed and working on my computer also i got the dvi cable thingy... so basically the VGA works and I can see the screen but when i plug in the dvi it remains black... it says my recommended is 1024 x 768 which just looks plain awful ... I have 8 setting ranging from the smallest 800 x 600 to 1280 x 1024 the largest.... the rezolution i am trying to get is 1680 x 1050 which is my monitors REAL recommended setting I have no idea Wat is going on it can't be the graphics card problem I've had the same problem which 3 different ones.... might be my monitor is there a way to check that? Just spent 4 hours messing with my computer taking breaks in between... im so tired and frustrated. =(
  5. This is really weird... so new card and adapter... I gotta say monitor then... I don't know how to help you with that one either... Try going to the options in the monitor and see if there's some strange setting that's limiting the resolution... other than that, I'd try to sell it on ebay, or return it.
  6. alright i did some doodling around on the internet and around my computer and here is what im guessin the problem mite be....
    I went to my graphics cards website and have installed the newest version. Also im using a DVI cable instead of the adapter i was using... I went to my samsungs website to find a driver for my monitor.. im using a Snycmaster 2253BW with model code XAA... i found the "update" http://www.samsung.com/us/support/downloads/LS20AQWJFV/XAA

    but this doesn't seem to work when i download it and run it switches from saying generic pnp monitor to display device on:DVI.. I only have 3 options for resolutions now 1280x720 , 1024 x 768 , and 800 x 600 I do not have the monitors native resolution i am aiming for which is 1680 x 1050
  7. hey, everyone, please, any ideas for the OP? This is a very strange issue, and undoubtedly very frustrating... any help is appreciated.
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