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Case: Thermaltake 6000 series (exact model not sure, currently at work). PSU bottom mounted.
Fans: 140mm rear, 2 x 120 mm front and a 220 mm top. May replace case, but which ever, it will have a similar fan arrangement w/PSU mounted at bottom.

CPU: 2500K, But question is more generic and would equally apply to say an I5-760 or I7-9xx
MB: Waiting on Z68 series, leaning toward Gigabyte

HSF: Zalman cpns9900Max-R. Already ordered from Newegg ($65) – I know there are better ones, just partial toward Zalman.

Question is more generic. Given a large top fan, a rear fan, and a tower style HSF with heatpipes.
Which is the best orientation – HSF blowing out the rear, or blowing up toward the large exhaust fan at top?

I’ve looked at several (about 4) installation guides and they all show it blowing toward the rear and in none off the guides (reviews) did they identify the case and/or if case had a large top fan.
..(a) Does vertical vs horizontal have much effect on heatpipe effiency?
..(b) If you have a large top mounted fan, which way do you have your’s orientated and/or have you tried both orientations.
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  1. I don't think you will notice any difference to be honest, all things being equal. I ended up having to mount my Hyper 212+ with the fans blowing out the back because my Corsair Vengeance heat spreaders wouldn't fit under the HSF turned the other way....
  2. Thanks
    Don't think I'll have a problem with memory. Plan on removing my 16 gigs Ripjaw DDR3-1600, CL 7 from current system and using them. (have 8 gigs (4 x 2 Ripjaw DDR3-1600 CL7 to put back into current system. I have the 9700 HSF installed in that system - Facing up and no problem with temps upto 3.8 (I5-750)

    Still googling - forget using vertical and horizon - links point to tower vs HSF that blow down.
    Found this - gravitational effect and how heat pipes work. Might indicate blowing toward the rear is best. I'm quessing that basically cpu "hot" so air rises toward the top of the loop this in turn sucks air from the bottom of the loop which has been cooled by the fan. If placed in a horizonal position there really is not a top/bottom for the loop. Sounds good, or grasping at straws????
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