P8Z68 V PRO GEN3: Cannot boot from USB??!

Tring to boot from my usb stick in order to flash my card's bios. USB is fine and perfectly bootable as I've tried it on a laptop and it boots just fine.

I've noticed when I plug the USB stick in the BIOS reads 'UFI: SMI USB stick'. I've changed that entry to priority 1 and no-go. Went into advanced tab in the UEFI BIOS and categorized it as HDD. Went back to boot menu and now it just reads 'SMI USB Stick. Changed that to priority 1, still no go. Disabled all other boot devices in which case it gives me a blank screen asking me to insert a boot device.

Help please.
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  1. Once again, Try a more reknown USB stick, like Transcend or Kingston, that show up as what they are in the BIOS and do not need to be configured as a HDD or ODD.
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