What are signs of poor power supply?

I have an XtremeGear 700 Watt PSU that came with my CyberPower system, and I read alot of reviews that XtremeGear makes poor PSUs. If so, this would explain my system lock ups and poor OCing.
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  1. a good sign is stuff not working... Usually you will have boot issues and get blue screens and such.
  2. Games freezing during intense graphics is another great sign...
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    System crashing when under a heavy load like intensive gaming or benchmarks. I never heard of that brand before and its probably because it is not a good PSU. I got a PSU that came with my PC I built from ibuypower years and years ago. It died and decided to take my $200 dollar motherboard with it.
  4. mafia, ther are no good reviews of that psu at all
  5. ^I know, that's why my suspicion has increased after I started to have random lock-ups and very poor OC capability. My rig's configuration needs all 700 watts, but I doubt the PSU is putting out anything more than 500.
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  7. Explosions are often a good indicator of a dodgy psu......
  8. Motopsychojdn said:
    Explosions are often a good indicator of a dodgy psu......

    Open flame and the release of the magic blue smoke are two others... :D :ouch: :sol:
  9. Yep I really wish they would take the extreme gear, cyberpower self branded and raidmax psus completely out the picture on cyberpower.
    tons of horror storys with those.
    I mean they are cheap and cheap for a reason because there cheap.
    Never skimp on the PSU its the heart of the system. Its not just that they dont have continous power ay rated wattage but they have dirty power with major current ripples, which in turn can cause all types of seemingly random issues major and minor.
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