Will the i7-990X work with 1600Mhz RAM??

My computer consists of an ASUS X58 Sabertooth MB, 24GB Patriot Extreme 1600Mhz RAM, and an Intel i7 (950?, 970?). Anyway, I want to upgrade to the Intel i7-990X. This processor specifies 1066Mhz RAM. Does this mean I need to go out and buy new 1066Mhz RAM, or can I use my 1600Mhz RAM?

If this 990X is Intel's latest and greatest, why do they specify slow RAM? Is this a minimum? I called Intel, they didn't seem to know.

This may sound like a beginner question, that's because I am a beginner, so thanks for your help.
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  1. Yes you can use 1600MHz RAM with it.
  2. Memory support is more dependent on the motherboard.. The motherboard you have has native support for 1600 MHz ram and thus you can easily use it.. No issues on that..
  3. Thanks for the replys. Do I need need to specify anything in BIOS as far as that goes, or will it automatically detect settings for compatability?
  4. Officially X58 only supports 1066MHz RAM. In reality though it can top 2000MHz if you have good RAM and give it enough juice.

    Your 1600MHz RAM will be fine - just make sure your multipliers are set correctly in the BIOS (but if you're just dropping in a new chip to an existing board it should already be set properly).

    Also, it might be worth checking you have the latest BIOS version for your board so you know it can support a 6-core chip - if not, do a BIOS update before you change the chip. However if you're running a 970 already you'll be fine as the 970 is a 6-core (the 950 is a quad so you need to be sure which one you have).
  5. erm! i run my ram at 1.5v just fine thank you very much!!!...

    the max speed of ram your system can handle is designated by the motherboard.
    but if you go over the max speed designated to the cpu then theres a chance it will only run with 1 stick per channel.
    so check your motherboard memory compatibility b4 you buy the ram. if the motherboard handles 1600mhz then it will work with the cpu, but as i say, it may have restrictions.
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