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Hey guys, Today my parts arrived and i tried to build my pc, but after a few unsure cabling and so on, i decided to try and switch on the pc without monitor to see what would happen, My CPU fan started working, Certain LEDS on the motherboard were on (red) but case fans or LEDS did not start at all. I got a repeated beep of 1 long and 2 short ones and could not switch off the pc except by the Main switch.

My parts:
i5 2500k
Asus P8P67 Intel P67 Express Socket 1155 Motherboard
90-MIBE40-G0EAY0KZ - Asus P8P67, Intel P67 Express, S 1155, PCI-E 2.0 (x16), DDR3 2200(OC), SATA 6Gb/s, SATA RAID, ATX
XFX Radeon 6950
Crosair 4gb Ram (2x2gb)
650w Antec Modular Truepower PSU
Xclio a380 colour
Samsung 1tb Spinpoint F3
Samsung DVD Writer, SH-S223C/BEBE, SATA, Black, OEM

I have most probbably done some of the cabling wrong but it is my first time and i'm really confused with certain stuff (mostly cables that were already from my case) I've looked at the manual and on most situations it doesn't help and also it didn't have a beep code troubleshooting for some reason. I'm hoping if it is possible the beeps pattern to show which cabling i have got wrong etc.

Thanks for any help
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  1. Edit: Turns out I hadn't plugged in Ram properly, I manage to do so and added a monitor. It boots up fine but The case fans still don't work, Anyone got a guide on where to plug Cables from the xclio a380 colour?
  2. Edit: OMG TURNS OUT THEY WEREN't SWITCHED ON from the fan control... i feel like an idiot lool
  3. Too bad you can't select yourself as best answer :lol:
    Glad you worked it out yourself
  4. Good for you!

    Experience is what you get when things do not go as you expected.
  5. I hate the whole learn from your failures thing though cause I hate failing, but it's true the problems will make you a better builder than someone who had a zero problem build.
  6. I went to sleep after that and continued today and yeah mistakes do teach you more then success but even though all the parts are working, i've still must have done something wrong:

    Went to Bios: CPU temperatures went from 52 to 61 degree celsius and probbably would have continued to go up if i hadn't switched off) while mobo temp went from 22 to 23 degree celcius, and this happened in about 5 minutes of the computer doing nothing. I'm using stock cooler and it is working and so are the case fans but maybe i haven't installed the stock cooler properly? The manual was rubish and i couldn't ready decide which way to install the cooler so i just used the most logical way, the logo was pointing up and the cables were nearest to the CPU fan plugin. There was thermal paste preaaplied on the stock cooler so i don't know really.

    I mean i don't have the best cable management and i will try to work on it soon when i get better cable ties but nothing is really blocking the CPU anywhere near it. I don't know if this is good or bad but the rear fan is blowing towards the CPU(120mm) the side one is too (250mm) and the psu fan seems to be pointing down so blowing towards the CPU. Could that be causing the problem somehow lol?

    Smaller problem: I don't think the Case Usbs, Esata, sound etc ontop of the case work, when i plugged them in, i was pretty sure it wasn't in the right place but just couldn't work out where is the right place lol... There was 3 places called USB and then a different 4 digit number.... on the USB cable from the case fan, it just said USB... I'm not 100% sure they don't work but when i plugged in the keyboard to the case usb slot, it wouldn't recognise them until i plugged them into the mobo slot.

    More worried on the CPU temps, obviosly 60+Celsius temps on idle is very bad, and as much as the cable management isn't the best, i wouldn't call it awfull too so my main suspects are the CPU stock cooler or the different fans somehow intefering with eachother?

    I did also plug some other stuff that i wasn't totally sure about, i plugged a SATA cable from the case to a SATA 3gb slot, the cable had no naming and so i had no idea what it was.. Another one was a unnamed white 4 big pins from the case, plugged it into a cable coming from the PSU ( think it's the one they call molex?) not really sure if i need to do anything else because connected to the PSU side of the connection was also a small 4 pin hanging which i just left there hanging.
    Please help, Want to install OS and get ready by today if possible ^^
  7. 1) When mounting a pushpin cooler, you need to look at the back of the motherboard to insure that all 4 pins are completely through and locked. The cooler should feel secure if you try to wiggle it(with the pc shut down and psu disconnected).
    At this point in time, if you find that you need to remount the cooler, do not try to reuse the pre applied tim. Clean it off with alcohol, and get a tube of as5 or similar to. The arctic silver web site will have a pictorial instruction on how. Do not use too much tim, or it will act like an insulator.
    2) On the motherboard there will be several places to connect front panel usb cables. You can use any of them. There is only one way to plug them in. Just be careful to not confuse them with firewire/1394 ports which look the same.
    3) The rear fan should normally be an exhaust. Unless the psu fan is defective, it should draw air from inside the case and exhaust it outside. Dangle a piece of tissue in front of the fan to verify which way the airflow is.
    4) I don't know of a case fan that has a usb connector. It will be a 4 pin molex connector, or a 3 pin fan connector(sometimes both). You can use either.
    5) Do not worry about cable management, only to the extent that no cables interfere with a fan.
  8. Thanks for you answer and grr, I really don't know how i manage to do it, but yeah you N.1 point was correct, i had only 1 of the 4 pushpins actually in...
    Now do i need to clean the thermal paste off both the CPU and the cpu cooler?
    Also the thermal paste had been spread and everything, so does a unsecure cooler really do that much Temp Problems ( What i mean is, do you think that once i re do the thermal paste and put the cpu cooler on properly, that the temp issues will be solved?)

    @n2 Hmm I will recheck what i've done but not sure if i will be able to find the answer lol
    @n3, They probbably are, i just didn't know, i hadn't actually tested it :P

    @n4 what i meant was that there was a cable coming from the case named USB,front panel USBs i think?
    @n5 I will be going to a shop for thermal paste now and will get cable ties so i will improve it just as much as i can so atleast it looks a little bit neater ( i don't actually have the skills or the patience to do it very good anyway)
  9. Ok guys i reaplied thermal paste and this time, the CPU temperature started at 43 degrees celsius and then went upto 49 degrees celsius and stabalised while mobo temperature went from 23 and stabalised at 26 degrees celsius. Is this Good for Idle? Hmm

    Also got the USbs in the front panel to work.
  10. orkie said:
    Ok guys i reaplied thermal paste and this time, the CPU temperature started at 43 degrees celsius and then went upto 49 degrees celsius and stabalised while mobo temperature went from 23 and stabalised at 26 degrees celsius. Is this Good for Idle? Hmm

    Also got the USbs in the front panel to work.

    Temps look nominal.
  11. Thanks, would have chosen you as best answer but it won't let me, I think i didn't post this thread as a question but as a discussion or something. sorry
  12. Temps look good, the cooler master hyper 212+ or scmg-2100 should bring your temps down to the high 20s low 30s on CPU
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