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I was curious if anyone could tell me how to analyze where in my computer the bottleneck is. I run a OCed i7 930 @ 3.7ghz, asus p6T mobo, 6 gb @ about 1450 mhz ram, 1 gb msi cyclone gtx 460, and a 500 gb seagate barracuda @ 7200 rpm. I was just curious to see if upgrading to 12 gb ram since it is so cheap right now would increase speeds that much. My gut feeling is that the bottleneck would probably involve my harddrive but any advice as to how to actually find the answer would be wonderful. Thanks.
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  1. For gaming? The video card.
  2. so adding ram wouldn't do much in your opinion?
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    Nope. But the 460 should be able to run everything for at least another year or so unless you sell it at a good price stick with it.
  4. ok thanks for the advice. saving me some money here haha =]
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