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I understand this has been stated on the forums and throughout google, but I still haven't found a clear idea:

I know that the dimension 9150 (i945p motherboard) can use either a P4, or a Pentium D. Mine in particular is a 2.8GHZ Pentium D. However, is there any motherboards (BTX) that would fit the case of my dimension 9150? I was reading that in the Dimension 9200, XPS 400/410/420 were able to use core 2 duo processors. Would any of the listed Mobo's (or any for that matter) fit in my dimension?

I should build another system, but currently short on funds :(

any help would be appreciated!
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  1. It is a little bit hard to find BTX boards in retail but if you find one it should fit your case.
  2. Yeah I figured so since the rarity of BTX and how Dell makes their cases. I just wanted to know if anyone in the community has had success in using other Mobo's from a newer dimension/xps since the 9200/xps 410 had a similar case.
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