Check my specs please!

Hello, I'm building a computer for the first time from scratch. I was planing on updating a older computer with a 8800gt but realized for the GPU i need a new PSU, and with both more ram and better CPU and so on and just decided to build from scratch.

Here are my specs, my budget is $630. I'm ordering most of the parts off Newegg and going to a local CompUSA for the rest of most important stuff, CPU, PSU and GPU.

Western Digital Caviar Green WD6400AAVS.............30

ATX ASUS M4A77TD.......74

Rosewill RNX wifi PCI..12

Asus DVD Rom...........19

G.Skill 2GB ram........27

CompUSA store

Ultra 550 psu 44
HD 5770 144
AMD 955 150
CM Scout 80
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  1. Sorry, the CPU is a AMD phenom II x4 955. Also i will be upgrading the ram later. (i'm very aware it is pretty low ram)
  2. That's nice.... what's your question?
  3. Do all these parts work together right? (i'm in the middle of making another thread, this one is not really "fixed" up right)
  4. You wouldn't be able to tell if these parts worked together unless you tried them =P. I think you need a bigger PSU to run that setup more smoothly.
  5. Yeah you'll get a good pc, above average. But it's not gonna be able to play the current latest games at max settings. Make sure your motherboard has 2 PCI Express slots. Just in case you want to upgrade in future.
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