Copper + Motherboard ?

Hey i'm looking to buy a new motherboards i was told gigabyte use extra copper and high quality components on there motherboards i watched a review of the

LGA 1155 Z68 Gigabyte G1 Sniper 2 and UD5 one review talked about how heavy the Gigabyte G1 sniper was he then talked about having a lot of copper and big high Quality components on the motherboard

Can anyone give me some infomation about this copper thing and personal opinion about theses motherboards im leaning towards G1 sniper due to saying its ready for Ivry bridge and i will upgrade to ivry bridge if its good

So whats the Pros and Cons of G1 sniper 2

and Pros and Cons of UD5 i know one con so far for UD5 not confirm by Gigbyte have ivry bridge support or PCIE 3.0 support
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  1. Motherboards are generally 4 layer boards. The two inner layers are a gound plane and a power plane. The two outer layers are signal planes. In the inner planes, the copper is twice as thick. This is supposed provide lower resistance paths and better heatsinking.

    I have two G'byte P45 UD boards and one P35-DS-3P. All three have similar components and build quality. The only difference between the P45's and the P35 is that the P45's have the heavier copper. I have not seen any difference in performance.

    Now, as to whether the G1 Sniper will have all the features you want, I don't know. I do know that I would not use the construction of the Gigabyte board as a discriminator against any similar, high quality motherboard.

    Hope this helped.
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