Not getting the performance i should from my 6850

hi, i useed to own a 4670 and recently upgraded to a 6850 but im not getting the performance i expected i play at 1400x900 resolution, max AA/AF/Detail, but im only getting an avg fps of 30, my 4670 would also get around 30 fps, i dont understand why im not in the 40+ range all th ebenchmarks ive seen (at 1600 resolution or above) were at a minimum of 40fps. My build is amd 5200+ (2.7 ghz), 2gb ram, ultra lsp 550. I also overclocked my cpu to 3ghz but with 0 increase in performance. even when i overclock my gcard i recieve no performance boost, yet under load it reaches 62 C is that bad? is my cpu bottlenecking the gcard?
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  1. i used 3dmark to score the cards here are the results:
    3DMark Score P7255 3DMarks
    CPU Score 3865
    Graphics Score 10253
  2. you need a new processor
  3. That processor is bottlenecking really bad. You should not have bought such a powerful card.
  4. oh, i had a feeling it was the processor, i bought it because i plan on upgrading my motherboard and cpu to at least a quadcore maybe even six core at 2.8ghz atleast for either proc
  5. overclocking my cpu past 3 ghz either wont help or it will damage my cpu right? im using stock cooler/heatsink right now, also is the temperature of 60+ C bad when underload?, my 4670 idle was 30 C, now the 6850 is 40 C, also what type of FPS gain would i see going from my 5200+ to an AMD Phenom II X4 925 Deneb 2.8GHz Socket AM3 95W Quad-Core Processor
  6. after about 1 hour of my CPU overclocked to 3ghz under 100% load th emax temp it hit was 70 C is that too hot?, it averages around 66-68, 80 was the peak
  7. I agree, you should get a new prossecor.
  8. Yes That Is Too Hot (70C) And Yes You Need To Upgrade Your CPU (Id Reccommend The Phenom II X3 715
  9. hella-d said:
    Yes That Is Too Hot (70C) And Yes You Need To Upgrade Your CPU (Id Reccommend The Phenom II X3 715

    Thats Odd That Has Been Deactivated Try This;
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