Memory issue in dell 435mt

I own a dell studio xps 435mt.
I bought it with 3X1gb ddr3 @ 1066MHz RAM.

Now I have bought 3X2gb 1033MHz RAM and added to my system. So the total RAM is 9gb(3X2gb+3X1gb).

But the BIOS shows only 6gb RAM @ 1066 MHz.
When I remove 2 1gb RAMs and connect 3X2gb+1X1gb it shows as 7gb @ 1066MHz.

Is there a way for me to use all 9gb RAM
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  1. You might want to sell your old ram and get another matched kit of 3x2 gb ram to go with your other kit.
  2. Try enabling memory remapping. It solved a similar problem with memory being ignored by the machine for a previous poster.
  3. how to enable memory remapping?
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