Why cant i find/buy this card anywhere!?

I am trying to purchase a xfx brand ATI Radeon 4870x2 card.


They still keep it on their site, and I very well know that it exsists, yet EVERYWHERE it seems, including newegg, doesn't sell them at all. Could anybody please help me out and point me to somewhere that DOES sell this card? I'm looking to pick up 2 of them within the next month or so.
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  1. It's an expensive card, runs extremely hot and is outperformed by newer / cheaper cards that support DX11.
  2. Why are you looking to pick up even one 4870x2? The 5870 performs very similarly and uses significantly less power, the 4870x2 used a lot of power in a small space so it had much higher failure rates than single chip cards so i dont blame companies for wanting to stop making them. Newegg no longer carries any 4870x2's so i doubt they are still in production or are being shipped new anymore.
  3. Well to be quite honest, I find the power/heat thing to be believable now come to think of it. I was just messing with benchmarks, and realized that the 4870x2 outperforms or gets very very close to scores of brand new high end cards. What i did not know, is that the 4870x2 if it was still being sold would still be expensive(or at least from what your saying)

    The only reason i want them is because i figured they would have dropped in price just like every other 4000 series card. If I cant find it anywhere, and it would still be expensive even if I could find it, then it looks like I need to find a new card to target. My price range is not very high though, only between about $100-$200

    feel free to suggest anything =/
  4. Most of the 4xxx series didnt drop in price by all that much, 4850s are still around 100, 4870s are still ~130. 4870x2's were special cards so they were never anywhere near your budget. You can pick up a 1GB GTX 460 or a 6850 for around that price range though.

    GTX 460 $190-$10MIR

    6850 $200
  5. Hmm...i like that 6850.(fyi i have a ATI based northbridge, nvidia = eww.) I did a little bit of research and found out the xfx version of the card is only 10 dollars more for a lifetime warrantly PLUS reports of it running cooler than other 6850s.

    So wouldn't the xfx version be a better choice?

  6. Since the Sapphire doesnt have an upgraded cooler on it, personally i would pay the extra 10 for the XFX, the suggestion of the sapphire card was to stay at the top edge of your listed budget.
  7. If you are planning to overclock, you should probably go with either Gigabyte or the Asus cards.

    They both have aftermarket cooler solutions, and seem to overclock very well and stay cool enough (below 70 under Furmark)



    Asus card is priced at 195$ 10$ higher than the Gigabyte one, but personally I just think either one will do just fine.

    Note: I own a HIS Radeon 6850 (Reference card), and I can overclock to 950Mhz/1100Mhz with max temps of 82C but Furmark stresses your graphic cards way more than any game..so these temps are still fine.
    But for a few bucks, you can get one of the above and get some extra juice in OC headroom with peace of mind that your card will never run hot.

    Asus 6850 review:

    Gigabyte 6850 review:
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