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I am looking to build a low-power and CHEAP home server. It will act as network storage and let my printer sit on the home network so will be always on. I would also like it to be usable for typical office work and hopefully be able to play HD movies as I might potentially end up using it as a HTPC if I buy a TV for the basement. Any recommendations for hardware? Thanks a lot.
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  1. Go with AMD Athlon X4 and 880G chipset. They run cool and efficient. You can even extend the server to run SQL/Web/VMs without any hiccups which is what I'm doing.
  2. Hello alikum,

    Whould you mind sharing what components (motherboard, video, ram, HD) you used for your server build that is capable of running SQL/Web/VMs on AMD Athlon X4. I tried to put together a server to run 2008 R2 using Intel chipset, however, it turned out to be too expensive. Do you remember approximately how much you spend on this server?

    Thank you
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