Something weird just happened...

Now that I almost had a heart attack.

So I was reading some forums lade da, and all of a sudden my windows color scheme changed to default. For some gut instinct reason I quickly opened evga precision and the GPU temp was shooting up.

I immediately shut my computer down for a couple minutes and turned it back on. Everything seems to be fine now. This is the first time I've ever experienced this...

What in the world just happened? Is it time to get a new GPU or is this just some once in a blue moon hiccup?

Sorry if this is the wrong spot for this.
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  1. Dunno what "shooting up" means and what told you it was lol. But the best thing to do is to stress the vid card in a controlled environment. Use Furmark and CPUID's Hardware Monitor to watch the temps.

    That will tell you if the vid card has issues, or if we need to look elsewhere for what happened to you.
  2. ^+1

    Run Furmark and report your results. Make sure to record your max temps.
  3. check that the GPU fan is still working
  4. System specs?
    How old your PC? If it old enough then it's time to clean it up, use pressured air can and re-apply the thermal paste...
  5. Did you run Furmark, is the card stable or did you run into problems?
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