Almost completed my first ever build

After reading around and with some of your guys insight I placed an order off newegg for my first custom computer. I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. I'm quiet scared that I will mess something up. :??:

Once all my packages arrive I will hopefully update this thread with pictures and progress as I build my first PC and hopefully if I run into problems you guys will be here for me!

CORSAIR 1000HX 1000W
i7- 2600K 3.4 GHz
Noctua NH-14
MASSCOOL Shin-Etsu Thermal Material
EVGA GeForce GTX 580 1536 MB
CORSAIR XMS 8 GB (2x4GB) 240-pin DDR3 1600
Western Digital Caviar Green 1TB Hard Drive
OCZ Vertex 2 120GB SSD
ASUS DVD-R ....ect ODD

ASUS VW266H 25.5" 2ms LCD
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  1. We will be here!
    Nice specs!
  2. Thanks! I'm definitely going to take my time building it. Going to attempt for proper cable management. Also looking to get another GTX 580 around Christmas time for SLI.
  3. Awesome! Good luck! Don't forget to get one of these (for peace of mind if nothing else): anti-static wrist strap.
  4. Hastibe said:
    Awesome! Good luck! Don't forget to get one of these (for peace of mind if nothing else): anti-static wrist strap.

    I picked one up at a local computer shop today just in case. :) I don't think static will be to much of an issue because I'll be working with it on linoleum, but you can never be to safe with $2200 in parts.
  5. Good luck man, I got the same CPU and MOBO, just installed new build an hour ago!

    What a feeling, you will be impressed!

  6. Finished the hardware installation about an hour ago without much of a hitch. But now for the dreaded wiring job. I'm slamming my head against the wall with disappointment because I'm having a TERRIBLE time finding where the connections lead. Motherboard Manuel isn't helping me all the much. UGHH
  7. Yeah, that stuff has taken me forever before, too. Wish I could help! :/

    P.S. Photos! Awesome! :D
  8. Finally making some progress!! :bounce: Figured out the headers, audio, usb, usb 3.0, esata...hopefully. Starting to connect power cables and optical drive & ssd. I'll get an updated picture soon I hope.

    I have a feeling I'm going to get little sleep tonight. :wahoo:
  9. Current work in progress

  10. NEED HELP!

    I boot up my system and it gives me a long beep then 4 short beeps. This means a hardware failure from the motherboards manual.

    Then on page before BIOS it reports a CPU Fan Error!?

    Also There seems to be a red light named TPU? and a green light named CLRTC on the motherboard.

    Last but not least it says on the BIOS that the CHA_FAN2 is running at 477 RPM. Is that unusual to see?

    I'm really quiet nervous about this and any help would be appreciated!

  11. I found out that the CPU Fan error was because I installed the cpu pin's incorrectly.

    The cha_fan2 problem was I think resolved by plugging the front 200mm Megaflow to the PSU instead of the motherboard. (It is still odd that it was only at ~400 RPM when it's a 700 RPM fan.)

    At the moment I'm installing Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. Then will be installing all the needed drivers.

    Are there any tests or programs I should run to test/check to see if my computer is stable? Do you think I should run Prime95,Memtest86,FutureMark,3D Mark, ect?
  12. What does the bios say your CPU, etc. temperatures are?

    P.S. Holy #$@!, that is what bios looks like now!?! No more DOS-looking stuff, eh? Wow...

    EDIT: making sense, yessss, gooood...
  13. I have the same CHA_FAN2 issue with it being slower than the rest. I have it plugged into the MOBo (side panel fan) and the front fan is already going into the PSU directly. I have no idea why it's so slow?!?!
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