What can i play with my geforce gt220?

i have a pentium d 820 2.8ghz and a Asus geforce gt 220 1gb ddr3
what game can i play???i mean on medium and low spec...
and is my processor bottlenecking my GPU performance??
if so, what upgrade should i do??(i just brought this gpu....i just wan to upgrade my CPU)
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  1. The GT220 should be able to play games like L4D2 on high. Crysis on low-med and GTA4 on low. It kinda' depends on what size monitor you're playing on though..

    If you wanted to upgrade your CPU I would suggest looking at the Intel i3 CPU's, though I would assume that would require a motherboard change.

    If you're not looking to upgrade your motherboard as well, tell me what your board is and I'll see what options you have.
  2. Just list the games you want to play, and we can tell you at what settings you can play them on, and what kinda FPS you would be getting.
  3. i planning to play COD black ops soon...and of course newer games...
    im now playing bad company 2, and i hardly can reach 30 fps even on ,lowest settings....

    my mobo is ASUS p5kpl-am which onli supports up to core 2 quad....and 4 gigs of ram....currently im using 2 gigs of ram

    my screen is SAMSUNG SYNCMASTER 17 inch and its resolutions is onli up to 1280 x1024
  4. If your motherboard says it can upgrade to a core 2 quad i would do that.
    I would say it's mostly your CPU thats hurting you FPS wise.I have a card similar to yours the Radeon 5570 and i play L4D2 maxd out 60+FPS.As for CoD Black ops i can max out everything and run that too.I have problems with BFBC2 just like you but thats a GPU problem for me.I have a Phenom x4 965.With an upgrade to a quad core you should see way betteer results in FPS but if you want to play some more demanding games then you will ahve to think about getting a new GPU.
    I'm reccomended that you get a new CPU,the Core 2 Quad.
  5. if i changed to core to quad, is it future proof enough??

    i mean if i changed this chip, im not going to changed the chip in 3-4 years and im using it to play demanding games, can i???
  6. only the newest games "reccomened" having a quad core.In a few years it will be "minimum" to have a quad core.So yeah it should last a couple years.I would think about upgrading your GPU sometime in the future though,with a quad core the GPU should be the only thing you have to upgrade to keep up-to-date on upcoming games.
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