PCI 1.0a compatibilty with PCI 2.2

I have one 3.3 PCI 1.0a slot in my server's motherboard.By mistake i have purchase Digium TE410P telephony card for it..As per the telephony card spec it is for 3.3 v PCI 2.2 slot..Is there any way i can use this telephony card in my server.
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  1. If your PCI slot is 3.3 volt, then it should work. Can you insert it into the slot?

  2. hi Thanks for the reply,
    my concern is does BUS type of PCI matters?..Because Digium card spec says "TE410P for use only with a 3.3V PCI 2.2 compliant slot " bus type is PCI 2.2+
    Reference http://docs.digium.com/misc/digital-cards-datasheet.pdf

    and my server have PCI-X 1.0a slot..

    I have only 1 3.3 v PCI slot in my server..
  3. It doesn't say that it isn't backward compatible (most cards are). If you already have the card, then why not try it? If you want to be 100% sure, contact Digium support and provide your server motherboard make and model.
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