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EVGA GTX 460 Installation problem

Try to install GTX 460 on my Gigabyte PCI-e.
260.99 driver can't install.
It said "driver can't find compatible hardware".
Please help me how to.

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  1. Have you tried older drivers?
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    Is your GTX 460 properly plugged in, like the two 6-pin power plugs ?

    Go to device manager and tell us what it says under display adapters.
  3. As suggested, make sure its properly connected with the two 6 pins..
  4. Thanks Guys!
    I didn't plug in 2nd 6 pin power connector. It works fine now.
  5. = P

    had a feeling that's what it was.

    How about you give me one of those 'best answer' things, I never get any! LOL
  6. Yeah send a best answer his way! lol
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  8. Haha thanks man! And glad to help of course, though I'm sure you would have figured it out eventually.
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