Future CPU Upgrade Possibilities

Just a question on upgrades for the future.

I currently have an Athlon II X3 445 in an ASRock M3A770DE motherboard. I wanted to know, what would be a good CPU upgrade?

My choices at the moment are the:

-Phenom II X4 955

-Phenom II X4 970

-Phenom II X6 1090T


-Intel Sandy Bridge i5-2500k or i5-2400 with an ASRock P67 Motherboard

If I go with the Intel, I know I probably would have to either buy a new HDD and Windows which would add more to the total price.

As far as what I plan on doing, I plan on purchasing Adobe CS5 or CS6 (heard Adobe was in the works already) Photoshop and After Effects along with AVID Media Composer. I also am a casual gamer and play games like Crysis (all of them) and Metro 2033.

I currently have a Galaxy GTX 460 GC 768mb if that helps. Along with that I have 4GB of Kingston HyperX DDR3 1333 Memory running at a Latency of 7.

Please help!

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  1. For gaming, your current CPU is probably fine with that video card.

    I suggest you read Tom's articles on video editing since there are a few ways you can approach this. For gaming, your CPU is probably fine with that video card. If you go the i5-2 route you are going to want a Z68 or H67 chipset since a P67 disables the use of the GPU for superfast encoding.

    If you are still using an ATA100 hard drive, it really is time to get a modern drive.
  2. I shall then. I thought about getting the hexacore since it has more cores which means much more multitasking. Along with that, I also planned on adding more RAM for a total of 8GB since my friends in the video editing field always kept suggesting it to me. If I go the Intel route however, that postpones me getting the extra 4GB for awhile.

    Now as far as the GPU is concerned I had planned on using the GTX 460 in the Intel board if I go with that route unless the Sandy Bridge Integrated Graphics are really that good! By the way, out of curiosity, whats the difference between the H61 and H67 boards?

    Also, I have a Serial ATA drive, made sure of that! :D
  3. The H61 is a really stripped down H67.

    You really need a 1GB+ card to use GPU encoding acceloration, but Intel's interegrated seems so much better (but not for gaming!)
  4. Ah I see. So unless I go the Intel route, that means I might end up having to upgrade my card later on. So either way, would you recommend the AMD Hexacore or no?
  5. wait for Z68, then you can encode using sandy bridge and game using GTX460

    The gpu encoding is poorer quality than SB encoding and I think slower too.

  6. Intels integrated hardware encode is for transcoding video to a small format, like an ipod. For Quality - GPU encoding is still the way to go as far I I know.
  7. The integrated encoding with intel is of no use to a professional (the kind of work you want to do). It's all going to be done by your CPU or graphics card if you want quality results.

    You want to spend your money in the following order:

    1. More RAM (and run a 64 bit OS with creative suite it is really worth it).

    2. Graphics card (one that Adobe can hook into--check their forums, they have recommendations)

    3. A hexacore processor (it will make a difference in rendering) or faster Hard Drives (really hard to decide which of these will make a bigger difference.

    The switch to an all new intel build will be quite a bit more money and ultimately won't result in much gain, especially if you have to skimp on the other parts (Ram and Video card).

    A smart upgrade may be to start with the video card (useful in any future build) and ram (not too expensive) and hold off on the CPU. You can decide after you've run it for a little bit whether to switch to Intel (recycle the graphics card etc.) or pick up a hexacore AMD (getting cheaper by the week, especially now with pressure from Sandy Bridge.
  8. I just went to newegg and checked out your motherboard. I really don't think it's worth it for you to switch to Intel (yes they're faster but it's not so dramatic and certainly not worth the money you'd have to spend). Definitely add more RAM to your current build and swap the processor out for a six core and be happy that you started with a system that gave you a good upgrade path.
  9. popatim said:
    Intels integrated hardware encode is for transcoding video to a small format, like an ipod. For Quality - GPU encoding is still the way to go as far I I know.

    did you look at the gpu encoding on the link above, its awful! this is encoding not creation so for raytracers etc. then yes gpu all the way, but quicksynch seems to do what gpu re-coding can't do.
  10. What about Intel's HT Technology? If I go with the AMD Hexacore (which to my knowledge has no HT), would that impact video and photo editing much?
  11. HT simply uses the spare time a core has to simulate another core. Its helps quite a bit but two HT cores do not even equal 1 full core in performance. Thats why the phenom x6 do so well with rendering. 6 real cores.
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