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Hi, I'm building this PC:
processor: i5 2500k
graphics: gtx 560ti
ram: G.Skill 4GB RIPJAWS x2
ups: 700W thermaltake tr-700p

I don't know much about mainboards, so i'm wondering wichone will be the best for this set-up, some friends recommended me the "Asus P67 B3 SABERTOOTH", but i don't think all the metal cover in the board will help the performance and i'm pretty sure i can buy something good for less than 200$. Also in a couple of months i plan to buy another 560ti to do a SLI.

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    I'm giving you three examples of affordable boards. You don't have to spend too much to get a decent board. The first one is made by ecs and has turbo boost for mild overclocking, but no other overclocking options except voltage adjustments. The second board is made by biostar (my personal brand) and has all the z68 features for overclocking your k cpu. The last is made by asus and should have everything you will need. Take the time to download the motherboard manual for each board before you decide what to order. It only takes a few minutes. If you have trouble understanding the bios adjustments and options, then I wouldn't get it. You have to build your system based on the info you get from the manual. For first builds, it's essential you understand the manual for assemblying the components on your board. I also recommend you view some videos such as this one: Do not listen to your friends unless they have several years experience. I've been doing this for twenty years.
  2. all those boards support SLI?
    The ASUS P8P67 ( seems nice but i looked at the feedback and saw "spontaneous combustion" i hope that's not true, is it o.o?
  3. This board supports sli: (first board on the list). It comes with the sli bridge.

    Just got this board myself about a month ago. I must say it's the most stable board I've had in awhile.. just make sure you do a hard CMOS reset (old school jumper) before you first turn it on and update to Bios 1.20. I can do 4.7GHz prime stable for 12hrs witht he 2500k. Only thing that limits past the 4.7GHz mark is air cooling. If I open all the windows (winter 32F outsite) I can hit 5.1GHz on air but still a little on the hotter side.

    Exta note... if you ever have plans for tri-sli/crossfireX get the Z68 Extreme4 Gen3 otherwise stick with he Extreme3.

    PS. When choosing a board base it on the price/sale and features. **do not** base it on user reviews. 95% of the people that write bad reviews don't know what they are doing. The other 5% actually have a legit issue that gets fixed first RMA. However keep in mind a vast majority of "high knowledge" people that do know what they are doing don't even review. I myself didn't even review the board yet.
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