9600GT Problem Please help

I bought the following 9600GT card yesterday.


There it is mentioned PALIT 256-bit 512MB DDR3 9600GT

But I searched for the card in palit site today. Only comparable card I found is
This is a 512MB DDR3 installed 1GB turbo-cache card. which is only 128-bit.
If the seller is sending me this card he has tricked me :( .

I found the same card I bought in a different site.

So what do you think?
If it is 128-bit card and seller has tricked me will that affect the performance of the card?
What shall I do now ??

Please help :cry:
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  1. On a 9600gt you're not going to notice any difference whatsoever.
  2. I saw this in a different thread. Is it true? Is so I am buying an 9600GT Card which is not truly a 9600GT :(

    Hi guys,
    I just bought a 9600 GT from a vendor. It says 9600GT Smart TC 1 GB 512 Mb / 128-bit / DDR3
    Whats the difference between it and a normal 9600 Gt??
    It doesn't even require a Power connector. I didn't plug it into the system. i just wanna know the real difference.

    I wanna know how good it is.
    Here is the page from PALIT website http://www.palit.biz/main/vgapro.php?id=1188#spec


    from the same site, the normal 9600 GT: http://www.palit.biz/main/vgapro.php?id=628

    Comparing specs....
    normal 9600 GT 9600 GT "Smart TC" 1GB (512)
    512 MB std 512 MB to get 1 GB it has to use your RAM...
    256 bit 128 bit (half)
    DDR3 DDR3

    If both cards have the same memory clock (std) 900 MHz (1800 MHz effective) the memory bandwidth it's where you'll find the biggest difference...

    Normal GT 1800 (Mem) * 256 (bit) / 8 (1 Byte) = 57600 (57.6 GB/sec)

    "Smart TC" GT 1800(Mem) * 128 (bit) / 8 (1 Byte) = 28800 (28.8 GB/sec)

    So, your video card it's slower than a 8600 GTS (32 GB/sec) and "better" than a 9500 GT (25.6 GB/sec)...

    This bandwidth has an importan percentage of the card's perfomance.

    I hope it has been clear...
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