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Not too strong about my knowledge on Networking so I was hoping someone had some good info. My internet began to slow down significantly within the last 3 weeks that I feel I've tried almost everything there is and found nothing. My internet download speed and ping used to be from 10+ mbps download and 30-60 ms ping on and during the hours from 6pm-12am the internet will drop to 3-6 mbps download and 150+ ms ping on the same website. I'm not sure about the time frame because I work from 9-6pm but according to my roomate it will lag throughout the day as well. When the internet speed is testing fast I can definitely notice the difference when playing online games getting around 40-60 ping. When its slow I get high ping of 150+ ping and can even spike up to 300-500 ping. I also tried testing it doing a ping on the cmd.exe screen on and you can definitely see the ms difference in speed. Also did a ping to my router
and got 1>, 2, 50, 2, could it be the router?. I've tried resetting the router to factory settings and even tried removing the wireless Netgear router
and connecting directly into the cable modem and will still get slow speeds. I called Time Warner who is my cable provider and complained but they don't seem to be of any help. They ended up sending someone to my condo and he said speeds were good (probably tested when the internet speed was good) he also said that the area that I am at has very bad wiring and is probably why. I've been at this condo for the past 4 months and it just started 3 weeks ago. Am I missing something or is it true that I am just in a bad area? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks guys
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