60gb ssd only showing 30gb avail

Hi all,
I recently bought a new laptop with a 60gb ssd drive from toshiba. Under the Intel Rapid Storage Technology app, it shows the full 60gb, however under my computer it only shows just under 30gb. I have hidden files shown, and nothing is showing, so Im perplexed, seems to be missing 30gb, half the drive.
Any help is appreciated!
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  1. U mean 30GB of total space or 30GB of free space?
  2. How is the drive formatted ? If you have it formatted FAT32, it will only Format 30 Gb (approx), you'll need to resize the partition after formatting. If you're formatted using NTFS, then you should be able to resize the partition.
    If you're using Win 7 this should be straight forward from the management console, if not download Partition Magic or some other file system software.

    Sorry about multiple posts !!!
  3. Sorry about multiple posts !!!

    Gone : )

    That was also my next question : )
  4. Its NTFS, and I THINK that Lenovo installed the one touch restore partition on it, that might be where the other 30gb is, but its not showing on the my computer interface, not sure where to look to see for sure. It shows 30gb total space (SWTOR is currently downloading and will take up most of it), so maybe 10 remaining... big slow download.
  5. What model is it and how much RAM has it?
  6. its a Y570, 8gig ram, the ssd is a Toshiba, supposed to be 60gig
  7. 8gig ram=8GB page file, u can reduce it to, try 3GB. It will release 5GB of the space.

    Whats the CPU?
  8. Its not even that the space is used, its just not there. The drive shows as a 30gb drive not 60 as it should. its a i7 6340
  9. OK, can u go to control panel >> Computer management >> Disk management

    Can u post a screenshot of that drive? It looks like that.
  10. Got the screenshot, not so sure how to post it, do I need to have it hosted somewhere first?
  11. U can make an account under a minute here http://imageshack.us/
  12. Ok, here it is. I notice there is a disk that isnt initiated, and that the SSD is listed under the same disk as the normal hd.


    Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  13. And here is the other location that lists info about the drive that I could find.


    Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  14. OK, the pics are to small, its hard to read. But u can make them with better quality?
    Anyway, u don't have any SSD 60GB installed, but u have 1TB HDD.
  15. need a better picture--but it looks like you have a lenovo recovery partition of 15gb
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