Computer will not power on, After it randomly shut down.

I purchased all the following

Asus M4A78LT-M LE

Muskin 8GB DDR3 (2x4GB)

Sapphire HD6850

Antec 650w PSU

OCZ Solid state (I know its a Laptop drive)

Athlon Quad core

I hooked it all up inside an old HP microATX case... powered up... installed windows7. I ran WEI and got some great scores! I downloaded cpuz to check and see if everything was picked up as it should... It did! and I rebooted cause I couldn't get over the speed of the SSD boot! I built this computer for my friend and went back to playing on mine as his just sat there powered on. it was on for about 15mins when I decided to stand it up as it was lying on its side from installing the parts. as soon as I touched it hardly even moved it only touching the outside of the case and it shut off. I figured oops must have touched the power button!. but then I pressed the power button and the fans (cpu gpu psu) spun for about 3seconds and then off with nothing coming up on the screen.

I have done the following. I took the 550W PSU out of my computer and installed it... same thing

I removed the GPU and plugged the monitor into the integrated card... same thing

I removed ram and tried one at a time in either ram slot... same thing

I removed the hard drive... same thing

I unplugged everything minus the ram and cpu... same thing

I cleared the CMOS... same thing

I removed all the parts from the case and installed in a test bench... same thing

I repeated all the above while the main components only were on the test bench... same thing

I installed the CPU from my computer... same thing

I have no idea what else could be the problem...

I have requested an RMA for the mobo and will be sending it back in about 18 hours unless someone here has a better idea. Thanks!
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  1. Wow--so frustrating! Sorry to hear about this! Check over this thread (PERFORM THESE STEPS before posting about boot/no video problems!) to make sure you didn't miss doing anything, and then, yeah, RMA-ing the motherboard seems like a good guess. The other thing you could do is take it to a computer repair shop and have them test the components independently from each other--will cost at least a little bit, but you get guaranteed diagnosis of what component(s) failed.
  2. This sounds like either the psu went or the board tilted when you went to move it and something shorted. I would start by checking all of the posts to make sure everything is in the right place and you don't have anything touching somewhere it shouldn't. It could be something as simple as a wire touching the outside of the case and shorting everything. If that checks out there is a great checklist that you can try working through... sounds like you have tried a lot of what is suggested, but never hurts to look one more time. post back if you find anything or this doesn't work.
  3. Yeah I troubleshot the HELL out of it and nothing, so I just sent it back on RMA, I was seeing if there was something I may have been missing... Hopefully that board comes back soon! I don't like haveing $640 worth of brand new parts sitting in the closet lol
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