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hi i have a core i7 920 sysytem with 3x2gb sticks of ram. the first two slots on the motherboard have somehow died iv tested all memory one by one ect. so here is my quistion

: if i have 2 sticks in 2 slots they'll run dual channle right, so with that, would it be better to leave the 3rd stick of ram out, or put it in the end slot making that stick only run in single channle mode. i cant afford another motherboard for awhile and no warranty so wich would be the better option for performance?

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  1. Ususally slots that run in dual are numbered alternately,
    ram in slots 1+3 or 2+4 will run at dual channel, any other way such as 1+2,1+4 etc will not give you the dual channel benefit,
    post Mobo details and detail which two slots are defective,
    P.S. a three stick kit will never run in dual channel anyway, its single or triple
  2. its an I7-920 board so aren't they triple channel?

    I'd be surprised if a triple channel mobo would run in dual channel mode.
  3. its a X58 motherboard i know i will run in dual channle mode, somewheres theres even a chart from having 2 sticks and then 3stick double or tripple channle. but thats not my question my question was since 2 out of 6 memory slots are bad that leaves me working with the last 4 slots. 2 sticks are in there now so its running in dual channle mode. butif i ad a 3rd stick into the last slot that stick would run in single channle mode. will that slot the pc down or would it be good to put it in the last slot even though that stick would run in single channle mode

    (rember the first 2 are dead so no tripple chanle)
  4. easiest way is to run pcmark with 4Gb dual and 6Gb dual + single, or perhas just single, it may be that the extra memory is better than the extra bandwidth?
  5. they are 3x2gb sticks of gskill 1600mhz
  6. it is a gigabyte EX58-DS4 and yes the sticks are 1.65
  7. bump, any ideas?
  8. hae you run benchmarks with different configurations, either sandra or pcmark or even vantage depending on what you do with your machine.
  9. No i hav'nt run benchmarks yet but will probably switch to x64bit indows just to try it and bench it, but i was hoping to have an idea before hand. and Dadiggle the memory is GSkill cas 8 1600mhz ddr3
  10. More RAM is more speed and usually better, as to stability of dual+single, run memtest from boot and see how that works.
    I would suggest RMA the motherboard, not a big deal.
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