Built a new comp should i sli or go with a single gpu

I have an
i7 950
asus p6x58d-e
6gb ocz ram ddr 3 1600mhz 6-8-6-24 CR1
2tb hdd
lg odd
azza helio 910
gtx 460 1gb msi hawk
ocz 700w modular psu modstream x pro i think
i game at 1600x900

okay i have about $200-300 left on my budget.
i know im getting the corsair h50 (i hate the stock cooler straight butt)
now my question is should i get another gtx 460 and sli and get the corsair tx 850w
or should i return the 460 and get $150 (paid $180) and get the gtx 570 and keep my current psu
OC: yes an option love doing it, and why im getting the h50 to push to 4ghz hopefully
Games: not all that serious it runs every game i have on the res more than 50+fps
cept a couple of games metro 2033 and crysis
i do run physx in single player games. I would like to play mafia II in max and metro 2033 and crysis

i tend to upgrade gpu every two-three generations above my current. are there any pros and cons of getting sli vs single
what do you guys think is the best option to get. Or return the card and get the 560 and sli those?
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  1. I prefer single GPU's, if only for stability. I'd go with the 570. It's a great performer for 300, outperforming the 480 while not doubling as a space heater.

    EDIT: Another thing to consider when deciding SLI over single GPU. Current games are a good ways behind what current hardware is capable of, and it's no longer an issue of racing to buy the newest hardware to keep up with software. I'd go with a 570, and if you upgrade every 2-3 generations, wait until the single 570 can't handle what you're asking of it, then SLI another in there. That would make the most financial sense, IMO.
  2. Metro 2033 and to an extent Crysis aren't representative games, at your resolution anything bigger than the GTX 460 already have would be overkill for most games. I would suggest you keep your $$$ for now and, when you got enough, buy both a 1920x1200 LCD and a 2nd GTX 460. Just my personal opinion.
  3. thanks for the input both of you. Im going to see what the gtx 560 is in for performance and price. and make my choice i really think the 570 is straight up overkill. and my resolution is too low for sli atm. I think if the gtx 560 is a good performance and price ill return the 460 and pick one up (most likely wont bc the 460 is a great card and have yet to oc. getting bfbc2 50+fps on max with aa etc, batman physx high max 50+fps metro 2033 i get 35fps but it dips to 20 and yet still playable on dx 11, tbh i am so impressed with this card for a "low end gtx 400series" ). Wait till i get more money get a bigger lcd resoultion and sli them. but now i have no idea the difference between aa.
    32x csaa vs 16qcsaa vs 8xmsaa
    what is the best for image quality i think msaa if im not mistaken. and what the heck is the diff from 4xmsaa vs 8xmsaa
  4. The 460 is the sweet spot for price/performance. It all depends on the type of performance you're looking for. I went with the 580, and couldn't be happier. It's a bit overkill, but I prefer having my GPU load at 30% rather than having my framerate dip to the 20's. With that said, SLI'd 460's do make a stout combination, but 570's are more so.
  5. yea jack_attack to be all honesty i get greedy when it comes to getting the great and new. but to be fair only games i play like everyday is BFBC2, League of Legends, Starcraft II. Crysis atm once beaten crysis warhead, batman metro 2033 ive beaten. So i decided to keep my video card. I put the heatsinks on the mosfets on it and decided to see my oc. So far after using msi kombuster for 30 min and Running crysis while playing for an hour i got no texture problem. running at 875/2150. Once i push it to 900 my card crashes to desktop and goes back to normal specs. 2200 same thing. Temperatures dont get higher than 54 at auto fan speed having it put 70% rpm perm. and keeping 875/2150 on default voltage. Gonna just save 150. And get an h50 and fan controller for the fan case and for the h50 fans. Save the $150 for a more worthy upgrade (new monitor maybe?)

    edit: will run futuremark my friend has my external hdd with all my benchmarking softwares!!!! so yes i will run those for about 45min-1hr each see any textures or anything funky!
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    It was mentioned earlier that Crysis and Metro aren't really good benchmarks, which is true - for right now. The apps we're running into right now are just console ports, and we're talking 4 generations behind. I'd expect to see some more intensive apps here in the future, and that's when the 460's will start getting their asses handed to them. I have one in my second rig, and it's a great GPU, but it's not a 580 by any means.
  7. yea jack_attack but for now the gtx460 does good if anything new comes down the road im talking about me playing games at medium and getting decent fps. u bet ill get a different card a single one and if theres more games that utilize physx by then 460 would be put to a good use.
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