What do I need to make this work?

What type of video card or whatever would anyone recommend for this setting. I have a guy that wants to hook up his computer to his standard monitor but also at times wants it to be able to be able to watch it on his big tv. The tv has a vga in plus hdmi, and component. He also has a smaller tv that is already wired with hdmi to come from the computer.
So in a nut shell he wants the regular monitor which will be DVI, the small tv that has hdmi and the large tv I am not sure what to run, whether it be vga, hdmi, or component. I like the idea of another hdmi because it runs audio too where vga only runs video and would need another audio cable. Component would be the same issue. I would also like to use cat 5e to run any of this. Is that possible?
So, if this makes sense to anyone, what equipment would I need to make this possible? What do I need for a video card or cards? What would I need to make the cat 5 work? Thanks.
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  1. If I would like 2 hdmi ports would it be best to get 2 cards? Why I am asking that is that converting dvi to hdmi will only get video and won't get sound. That way 2 cards, 2 hdmi both with sound.
  2. As far as i am aware, there aren't many cards with 2 HDMIs. If you really want two HDMIs, than get another card. Make sure that the new card supports whatever it is you want to do with it. If you have ATI cards with CrossFire and EyeFinity, you should be fine. Also, consider if your motherboard's integrated graphics has an HDMI out that you could try (it may not be great though!).
  3. I am building it so I can get any mobod or card that I need to get so we have no problem there.
  4. ingeborgdot said:
    I am building it so I can get any mobod or card that I need to get so we have no problem there.

    In that case select a motherboard with integrated graphics that have an HDMI and are strong enough to handle the necessary uses. Then add a graphics card with HDMI & DVI that fits their needs. The screen with the least resolution should be connected to the motherboard graphics.

    However if serious power is needed on both HDMIs, than 2 strong graphics cards connected via CrossFire/SLI would work better. That would require a motherboard and power supply that can handle that however.

    As for the Cat5e, I'm not very familiar with cables... but isn't that an Ethernet cable? I'm not sure if you could transmit video through that...
  5. Now I just have to find a good board with a good graphics chip already. I don't know if that is the best way or to get two cards? I will continue to search.
  6. Two cards would have more power and could handle games and HD video better.
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