No blu ray movie playability?WTF!?

I own a asus Rampage II X58 mobo with 24 GB DDR3 memory.
Bought a LG Blue drive(the 6x blu ray burner) and a Ati 6870. Im using Win 7 Ultimate Signature Edition and have 5 x 1 TB HDD with a 1200W PSU. Now the question.. why the heck cant i see my blu ray movies?
Im using a Soyo 22 " LCD monitor until next week. Upgrading to a 40 if not 50 " TV as monitor... Looking forward to see what happens when i try to play Eve in that :P
But back to my question.. what could be wrong?
Im also using a 980 i7 processor so shouldnt be a bottleneck!
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  1. What do you mean you can't see the movies? We need more information before we're able to help you. What program are you trying to use to play them?
  2. Codec issue?
  3. You need a Blue-ray program such as cyberlink or total Theatre that include blu-ray. No freebees on blu-ray. Cost veries from around 50 -> 100 bucks. Retail drives normally include the program, and SOME of the OEM drives include. Newegg sometimes throws a copy in with their oem drives - but not a given.
  4. I have a 6870 and that same br drive I'm having issues in the power DVD that came with the drive. Blu rays are all jittery and pixilated I can't figure out what's goin on
  5. leif2006
    Need more info.
    Blu-ray play back is fine on much lower GPUs, Ie Plays fine on my 5770 GPU and on My laptop igp, which is VERY lowend for a GPU..

    promble could be:
    (1) cpu (if old verision or low speed
    (2) Dvd/Blu-ray player in incorrect mode, ie PIO vs UDM mode
    (3) software conflict.
  6. I have an 17 950 so I don't think that's it, I'm not sure how to set the player to udm though, and I have power DVD 9 on a blu ray suite it's not activated though so I wonder if that's my problem. Bd adviser says it's my display drivers but I have the last ccc Sri has put out so I'm stumped! Once again though what Is udm?
  7. I forgot the A at the end, should have been UDMA (Ultra DMA) which is a specification for data transfers which is fater than PIO mode.
    For studdering DVD/HDDs

    More info on UDMA
  8. Yeah I realized what you meant and looked yesterday but there is no setting in the device manager for that drive just my harddrives I have a gigabyte ud3r 12gigs of mem i7 950 and lg blu ray writer all drivers up to date I set my pixels to rgb limited yesterday and that corrected some of the green tint I was seeing before but now the whole high def opening is stuttering. Actuall movie playback is a lot better but still stutters every once in a while
  9. Try this:
    Go to device manager.
    Uncollapse IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers
    For all "ATA Channel x Under properties Verify DMA mode is checked
  10. Yeah udma 6... It's got to be powerdvd. I realized yesterday it's version 8 not 9 so I may do some research and get new software... Its weird though cuz it lags like something is trying to catch up not so much like it's a codec issue and some movies are worse then others, but it's always the same spot on the movie until I restart then it will be a different part of the movie until I restart ect ect. Some titles however play flawlessly dinner for smuchs for example= perfect crystal clear everything my eyes desired... Repomen=stuttered twice through out the movie, it was annoying at worst. social networking not watchable looked like I was watching a jacked up atari
  11. Actually I lied udma 6 is on the ata channel 0 option. Achi serial ata control doesn't have anywhere to set it
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