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I7 2600k or i7 950

Sorry i caught up late, but by the time i am trying to look around for building my new computer i see the forum flooded with 2500k and 2600k instead of 930's and 950's.
Q4 i used to see people talking about 920's 930's and until a few days back 950's. All of a sudden since last few days i am seeing a new contender 2500k and 2600k. I have not been able to catchup though, but just wanted to know.. what is better in terms of speed and performance.. i7 950 or 2600k??
I am looking for building a high performance pc for software development reasons, for which i need a PC with better performance.
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    Here is a good review of those CPUs which are being talked about,...,2833.html

    And yes, currently they are better buys than the the i7 9xx CPUs as the i7 2600K performs nearly as good as the i7 980X in most of the cases costing far less,...

    Fill this and paste it here,...
  2. On anandtech, the 2600k is far superior to the 950 (wins in around 25 benches, generally by over 15% and loses slightly in just 1 test) and the 2500k wins by 5-10% in most benches against the 950 and loses in a few. The 2500k also wins in 3-4 benches against the 2600k.

    The 2500k is reasonably better than the 950, for much much less, the 2600k is slightly better than the 2500k for $100 more.

    2500k for $225, 2600k for just over $320
  3. THanks for your replies. This helps me deciding me on what to buy. Will go for 2600K.

    Thanks again. Please close this thread as solved.
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