New Rosewill Blackhawk Gaming Case?

Hello, I'm looking at the combo deals with i5 2500k and found this new rosewill gaming case called the blackhawk. I compare it to the 922 HAF and so far the 922 is only little bit bigger. The blackhawk and 15 2500k combo its $30 less so I'm gonna link it and see what you think the 922 is $30 more worth then the blackhawk.
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  1. ^ That cases does look very good on features,...
    But you get the HAF 922 for about ~$20 less if you include the shipping and this $10 coupon code: EMCKJJG33 (ends 1/19)
    Also you can get other good combos with the 2500K which would give you better deals,... So its upto you,...
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