Help setting bios on p8z68-v pro

I am pretty much a beginner at this. I put a new system together. P8Z68-V PRO and i7 with one ssd and one hdd and one dvd
Upon boot up all works fine and I get the Menu screens that the book says and they work, but now what. I want to load Windows 7
I want to put it on the ssd.
Sounds dumb, but do I do next?
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  1. pop the windows install disk in the dvd drive, restart the computer. It will probably say something like "press any key to boot from CD", press a key. A screen will ask you where you want to install windows, select the ssd, (removing the hdd with the system off prior to all this can make the selection simpler). The rest is pretty straight-forward. If the DVD isn't booting, you probably need to change the boot order of your drives in the bios (put the DVD drive first). Your motherboard documentation can help you with this. Good luck.
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