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I am going to be building a my first GAMING computer and I wanted to buy the windows 7 ultimate edition. Would I need The System builders version or just the regular version and what is the difference?
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  1. I don't think it really matters, they will both install on your system. I could be wrong but i honestly can't think of the difference between the 2.

    One question, why did you decide to go for 7 Ultimate?
    Also when you are buying make sure you get 64bit :)
  2. I really dont know the difference between ultimate or home premium, but I figured I would just get the ultimate. I know to get the 64 also. What is the difference between the 2? Im too lazy to look it up right

    Well, I found all of my answers on here :D
  3. Ultimate has some enterprise type extras like Bitlocker data encryption on the data on your hard drive. and support for more RAM. Not worth the premium in price over home if all you are doing is gaming. The system builders version would be tied to your build and you would not be able to use it if you decided to build another computer to replace your current one.
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