Best for around 150$

I've tried looking at several charts and what not and I'm just not sure of the best deal.

My currant monitor is at 1366x768 but I plan to go to a 1080p monitor later. My power supply is an

I can pay around 150$ and I'm willing to deal with rebates.

The card can't be too big because I have an cheap mobo, and I don't wanna loose my few sata ports
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    Both of your links are for ANTEC PSU.
    Well, for around $150 you can get GTX460, like this one: ($200)
    Yes, it's little more than your budget, but you will be happy with that card, it allow you to change voltage, means you can OC it FAR HIGHER...
    You can maxed out everything with GTX460 at 1366x768 and still good for 1080p monitor. :)
  2. well the 768mb version of that card would still be more than enough for 1366x768

    It's out of stock right now though.
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  4. I'm fine now. Thanks everyone!
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