2500 Stock cooler Temps under Load

Ok, I have an Intel 2500 running at its default clocks with Turbo Enabled. When the system is idling Core Temp reads around 38-40c, but I tested the Load temperatures with the Intel Burn Test on maximum and it reached around 75-76c. This seems a little high, but is it safe? I checked the Intel cooler that came with this and it's seated correctly. However with common CPU loads like playing crysis 2 or rendering some video on 4 cores within Sony Vegas it reaches the mid 60s in temp.

The Motherboad is a Gigabyte GA-PH67-UD3-B3, if that helps. I noticed the Bios puts the CPU voltage on Auto from default.
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  1. These temps are fairly standard for the stock cooler. Mid-70's will do no harm but certainly could be lower with an aftermarket HSF....
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