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Will it fit?

I'm thinking about buying a new graphics card and I'm just wondering if any graphic card will fit into any motherboard?
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    It has to have the right slot for it, you cannot put a PCI-E graphics card on a motherboard that only has AGP and PCI slots, but most modern motherboards have at least one PCI-E 16x slot that will handle most cards. Some new cards are pretty long so you also want to make sure you will have enough space in your case to hold the card.

    What card are you looking at and what motherboard do you have?
  2. I'm looking at an ATI 5850, I'm scare that the capacitors might block the card.
  3. You do not have to worry about the capacitors or any other MB component, The only thing you have to worry about is your case length as hunter315 pointed out, especially if your case has a conventional HDD bay.
  4. Thanks for the infomation.
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